Terms and Conditions

1. Validity of agreement.

Only the English version of this agreement is valid on a court of law. The German version must be regarded as a correct translation of the English version as possible.

2. The offer.

2.1 The safari or tour offer will be in accordance with the description of the offer contained in the latest prospectus. Any additions or alterations to the offer must be confirmed by ADVENTURE PURISTS in writing. The offer as agreed to, which includes statements and details given with the booking confirmations, is binding. 

2.2 The client warrants that he/she has the authority to conclude this booking and the contract between ADVENTURE PURISTS and the client.

2.3 Acceptance by ADVENTURE PURISTS of the booking shall be evidenced by forwarding to the client or agent of an invoice, indicating an amount due by the client to ADVENTURE PURISTS, and the client making payment of the deposit, being equal to 20% of the safari fee and due on reception of invoice

2.4 In the absence of a signed booking form, the invoice shall substitute to confirm the contract between ADVENTURE PURISTS and the client.

2.5 The full amount due shall be payable to the COMPANY not less than 6 (six) weeks prior to the departure date.


3.1 In the following circumstances and cases ADVENTURE PURISTS may give notice and thus cancel this agreement:

a. Seemingly important reasons that could lead to the cancellation of a tour or any other offer prior to the commencement of such tour or offer, or the discontinuation of a tour or any other offer after commencement of such a tour or offer, such as mechanical defects to transportation mediums (vehicles etc.), weather conditions, acts of God, unrest, strikes, epidemics, unexpected governmental legislation and regulations or any other similar occurrences or incidents not deliberately caused by ADVENTURE PURISTS.

b. If the traveler for whom the reservation according to this agreement has been made, be it the client according to this agreement or not, persistently disturbs, harasses or inconvenience fellow travellers, and/or unreasonably affects the performances of the tour or any other offer and/or when the behaviour of the traveller is contravening this agreement to such an extent that an immediate cancellation of this agreement is justified.

c. If the client is in breach of contract. 

3.2 The decision to give notice according to this agreement lies solely with the Management of ADVENTURE PURISTS. In any case ADVENTURE PURISTS is obliged to immediately inform the client when the preconditions for a cancellation or discontinuation of a tour or any offer have been postulated.

4. Withdrawal and cancellation from the contract of tourism

The client can cancel the contract of tourism essential for that is the access of the cancellation notice to ADVENTURE PURISTS. In case of cancellation or if the client does not leave out for the trip, ADVENTURE PURISTS can claim refund for the already done tour arrangements and necessary expenses. In any case will the deposit be forfeited, and cancellation penalties will apply according to the following scale

Time & Charges:
More than 45 days ............... deposit
30-45 days before travel .......40% cancellation fee
21-29 days before travel .......70% cancellation fee
0-20 days before travel .......100% cancellation fee

5. Objections and complaints.

5.1 Possible claims by the client (tour participant) for whatever reason, in all cases prescribe 6 months after the date of completion of the relevant tour. All claims submitted after this period are null and void. 

5.2 During the journey (tour or safari) any possible defects or failures or any given contingencies, occurrences or incidents which appear to the client (tour participant) to be a deficiency or shortcoming, must immediately (on the spot) be communicated to the tour leader of ADVENTURE PURISTS. If such a deficiency is not communicated on the spot and immediately to ADVENTURE PURISTS, subsequent compensation claims on the matter are not possible. Any substantial deviation from the performance and offer contained in the agreement, or incidents and occurrences which may appear to the client (tour articipant) to be a substantial deviation and/or defect, the client must, in addition to communicating the matter to the tour leader, inform the head office of ADVENTURE PURISTS in writing immediately. If neglecting and failing to do so, the client forfeits all rights to subsequent claims for compensation and damages. 

6. Liability of ADVENTURE PURISTS. 

6.1 ADVENTURE PURISTS as a reputable business, is liable for the satisfactory supply and delivery of the contractually agreed product, being tours, safaris and other related offers. ADVENTURE PURISTS accepts no further liability.

6.2 ADVENTURE PURISTS accepts full liability for damages incurred, due to a tour/offer , or part thereof, which has not been supplied and delivered according to this agreement. ADVENTURE PURISTS liability is limited to an amount equal to the agreed price of the tour or offer, and only includes the immediate direct (not consequential) damages incurred. Partial reductions or omissions made to the tour or offer, do not entitle the client to a full refund of the tour price. 

6.3 ADVENTURE PURISTS is not liable for any deficiencies, shortcomings, defects or damages that may arise due to third parties (subcontractors) such as hotels, lodges, other safari-and tour operators etc. In such instances ADVENTURE PURISTS undertakes to remove and eliminate such deficiencies, shortcomings or defects, if at all possible, and/or make alternative arrangements or bookings. The decision to refund an appropriate portion of the tour price lies entirely with ADVENTURE PURISTS, which decision will only be taken after consultation with the client (tour participant). 

6.4 ADVENTURE PURISTS is strictly not liable for any deficiencies, shortcomings, and defects, possible additional costs arising therefrom and damages due to accidents and disasters occurring during transportation by air. Any possible claims for damages have to be directed to the appropriate Carrier. 

6.5 ADVENTURE PURISTS is not liable for any disorders of products when acting as an agent for, and on behalf of, other parties. As far as it is possible, clients will be informed if a specific tour, etc. is offered by ADVENTURE PURISTS on behalf of others and is thus merely acting as an agent.

6.6 ADVENTURE PURISTS is strictly not liable for damages incurred due to :

War or war-like conditions
Natural disasters
Unfavourable climatic conditions
Governmental legislation and regulations
Mechanical defects of transportation mediums
All occurrences and incidents with alike/similar consequences and effects as for the examples given above. 

6.7 ADVENTURE PURISTS only accepts liability for accidents, illness and diseases, if proof of gross negligence or any form of serious default on behalf of ADVENTURE PURISTS can be established. Such liability is limited to the direct (not consequential) damages incurred to a maximum amount equal to twice (2x) the agreed price of the tour or offer. In all other cases ADVENTURE PURISTS is not liable for death, injuries, illness or diseases. Should these lead to the discontinuation or interruption or the tour, refunds to the client (participant) due to the non-participation of any portion of the tour are not possible. ADVENTURE PURISTS will however do its utmost best to assist the client (participant) in limiting the inconvenience and damages incurred. 

6.8 ADVENTURE PURISTS accepts liability for delays (such as late arrival at the airport etc.) and possible consequential damages, directly or indirectly, that arise for the client due to such delays, only if proof of gross negligence to any form of serious fault on behalf of ADVENTURE PURISTS can be established. 

6.9 ADVENTURE PURISTS is strictly not responsible for the luggage and all personal effects and belongings of the client (participant), including all personal documents (passports, issued air tickets etc.)

6.10 ADVENTURE PURISTS is not responsible for any type of travelling insurance. The client (participant) is personally responsible for sufficient travelling insurance.

6.11 The client (participant) is personally responsible to acquire the necessary and correct travel documents (passports, visas, etc.) which conform to the current rules and regulations. Should insufficient travel documents detrimentally affect the performance of the tour or offer, or cause cancellation and discontinuation of the entire or portions of the tour or offer, the client forfeits any right to claim for damages or refunds. Any possible additional costs incurred by ADVENTURE PURISTS due to insufficient travel documents will be to the clients (participants) account.

It goes without saying that Adventure Purists will do it's upmost to avoid incidents and occurrences which will detrimentally affect the product (i.e. Tour or Safari) offered and agreed to. The safety and satisfaction of the client (participant), as well as customer service which the most pretentious client will approve of, is of utmost importance to Adventure Purists.

7. Applicable law and Domicile.

7.1 This agreement between the client and ADVENTURE PURISTS and the interpretation thereof, shall be subject to Zambian law only.

7.2 Legal actions against ADVENTURE PURISTS can only be lodged at the Domicile of ADVENTURE PURISTS as stated in Clause 8.3 below

8. General.

8.1 Copyright: Adventure Purists LTD (Pty).

8.2 Registered office:

1364 Kabompo Road
Republic of Zambia
International: +260 969496264, +43 664 5863317
8.3 Domicil: 

1364 Kabompo Road
Republic of Zambia
The client and ADVENTURE PURISTS herewith agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. Whereas the client intends to proceed with the tour or other offer as set out in the booking confirmation and which tour or offer ADVENTURE PURISTS has agreed to provide